Xiao Mu ZhaoXiao Mu ZhaoXiao Mu ZhaoXiao Mu Zhao

Xiao Mu Zhao

XiaoMu Zhao had her jewellery education at CAFA Beijing. She recently started her own jewellery brand called Larmo Studio.
XiaoMu Zhao grew up in a traditional Beijing setting, in a hutong, surrounded by family and extended family members. As an adult she adjusted to the contemporary housing setting and now evaluated her own upbringing in her work. To her the house itself reflects the vivid memories of her family and their connection and interaction. For the installation presented in Ubi Gallery XiaoMu Zhao went back to her roots and collected very basis household material, common in the 80’s, but almost no where to be found anymore. The hutongs, the families, the material – all have been vanishing over time. With the household items and materials she builds little houses and records the lives of Chinese urban families of the 80’s and her own specific family.