Xiao LiuXiao Liu

Xiao Liu

Xiao Liu completed his bachelor and master at the Jewellery Department of CAFA in Beijing. After his graduation he stayed on to lecture at the art academy and at the same time worked on his own series.

His work is exhibited at Marzee (Nijmegen) and Smuck (Munchen). In China his work is recognized by its quality and was awarded several times in the years 2005-2011.  

In 2011 and 2012 Xiao Liu made several small series of mainly brooches. He works with colored paper pulp, artificial stones, natural gemstones and silver. The strong colors, fascinating shapes and the variety of materials are balanced out in a very delicate way. The pieces reflect many layers, giving them a certain spirituality.

In some of his pieces he plays with the very visible artificial stones and at the same time hides tiny natural gemstones inside. It is as to challenge the other to look deeper and not be distracted by the easy beauty and shimmer, but to look for the real world behind it.