Shulin WuShulin WuShulin Wu

Shulin Wu

This young artist from Taiwan lived in many different countries as Finland, Japan and France, before settling down in Taipei. The inspiration for her work comes from Asia and Europe and its blend makes it classical and contemporary at the same time. On one hand she learns from the ancient Japanes metalsmithing technique, where the laminated layers of metal create a marbled effect. She reaches the same effect in using a special technique working with different layers of coloured porcelain. On the other hand she combines this with the technique Wedgewood used for its Jasperware collection. By hollowing the porcelain, several layers of pigmented porcelain will become visible. Shulin Wu combines those 2 techniques and creates earrings inspired by the girandole or chandelier-style, pieces that were popular in the 17th century. These motives were normally composed of gemstones. The cut and polished pieces of porcelain are her contemporary answer. She puts a lot of effort in the finishing of the pieces, the use of silver findings and the way you can wear it.