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Noon Passama

Noon Passama was educated as a professional designer in Bangkok and Amsterdam. Noon’s ability to connect with the design and fashion industry got her the Huygens Scholarship in 2011.

Noon assigns a new context and story to everyday objects. Wearable emblems are archetypes and are her creative starting point. The ‘extra button series'  is a colorful installation of different brooches, with an industrial touch because of the use of car paint and perfect finish. The ‘extra button series’ is an ongoing project she started in 2011 on which she will keep adding new colors and forms. A button is a mass-produced object pinned on clothing carrying messages and therefore quite accessible and meaningful for the people who wear it.

For her series of necklaces Noon Passama collaborated with the fashion designers Capara for their collection Favorite Dreams. Her necklaces attracted worldwide attention. Not only were they exhibited all over the world, but also featured in major fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Wallpaper. Rihanna wore a necklace of her in one of her videos. With her necklace Noon won the top American prize for an emerging art jeweler in 2012. Her necklace started with the basic shape of a chain, but developed in proportion, material and colour.