Soh Young ParkSoh Young ParkYeon Bo ShimYeon Bo Shim

Korean Ceramics

Soh Young Park is an experienced ceramic artist from Korea, educated in Italy and Korea. Her work has been awarded several times. Her work was exhibited in many different countries over the world; from Norway and Italy to Korea and Japan. Soh Young Park works mainly with paper thin porcelain. She uses this to construct buildings, city landscapes and more. The constructions are never straight or the same, but like lively drawings, with a fragile appearance and at the same time strong statements of how we like houses and buildings to be.

Yeon Bo Shim is a ceramic artist and teacher from Seoul and made a collection of rounded houses, with different glazes and patterns. Buildings are there to protect you, but can isolate you at the same time. Finding a balance between the inside and outside world is an insteresting theme, visible in the work of Yeon Bo Shim.