G+OO DesignKoji TakagiKoji TakagiSatoshi MasudaHidenori Teshima

Japanese Ceramics

The small delicate bowl of G+OO is made in Mashiko, one of the many ceramic cities in Japan. The material and glaze of the bowl gives the impression of agate or white jade. You can imagine that people in previous ages called porcelain ‘white gold’ - as precious and beautiful.

Koji Takagi is born in Tokyo and worked as a ceramic artist in Nara, Kyoto and Chiba. For this set of vases he worked with Shigaraki red clay and sponged a variety of mixed clay on it, before he glazed the pieces. The result is a very special texture and colour pattern, that goes well with the elegant shapes.

Satoshi Masuda is educated in Kyoto Japan and had many of his exhibitions in this area. He made a collection of vases, with special textures and glazes. The shapes are never round or simply oval. You need to see and feel the pieces to experience the quality.

Hidenori Teshima is from Kobe, studied in Osaka and has set up a studio and kiln in Kobe. He is involved in a ceramic gallery in Tokyo and produces tableware and bowls and vessels with great patterns and glazes.