Vered KamsinkiDana HakimAttai Chen

Israeli Jewellery

NOGART CN is a design agency headed by Hui Zhang, a Chinese art expert living and working in Israel. Through Hui Zhang Ubi Gallery is connected with several different jewellery artists from Israel. 

Vered Kamsinki studied Fine Arts in Jerusalem, Amsterdam and Paris. She has 30 years of experience as a jewellery artist and her work is worldwide recognized. In Ubi Gallery you can find her collection of Stone Rings. Stones are extremely useful- you can make your own games; collect them and play with them when you are a child. You can construct buldings and enjoy the history and beauty and identiy of every stone. Vered Kamsinki works with stones in many of her collections and always in different compositions and techniques. For her Stone Rings she made moulds of real stones and casts them in silver. Every stone is different and so every jewellery piece creates its own identity. 

Dana Hakim loves to work with material from everyday commodities. These materials are loaded with references and she uses this in the 'second life' of the jewellery. She has a preference for materials connected to safety, such as nets, filters and working gloves. With her jewellery collection'My four Guardian Angels' she comments on the fears of the current society for crime, hate, epidemics, health issues and more. Her jewellery acts almosts as a modern version of an amulet, protecting you against all kinds of danger and fears. 

Attai Chen dryed anchovy fish, goldleafed them and put this delicate piece on a pin. His work triggers thoughts as 'what is the relation between food and art for you?' This work is called Fish a Wish and it is beautiful and uncanny at the same time.