The collection

Within the field of applied arts Ubi Gallery focus mainly on contemporary jewellery art and ceramics.

Ubi Gallery is the first gallery in China to offer a platform for different international jewellery artists. Ubi Gallery shows a wide range of jewellery design, which has not previously been available in China. Some pieces are unique art objects, made with a profoundness, which will be appreciated by the true art lover. In this category you can find wearable art pieces and pieces that resemble small sculptures.

Other pieces are made in small and affordable series and give a fresh view on new materials used in jewellery design. These series are all handmade by international renowned designers in their own studio and checked on their perfect finish.

Another focal point is contemporary fine jewellery, which is particularly fascinating for those who take an interest in the use of precious materials in new designs. Thus for people who care for the beauty and timelessness of the more renown materials as silver, gold and gems and want to have a strong and new design to go with it.

Ubi Gallery also presents a small and special collection of contemporary ceramics from China, together with designs from other countries such as The Netherlands. This selection of ceramics will impress visitors with its beauty, use of material and the extraordinary skill of the designers.